Wednesday, November 27, 2013

7 Ways GMOs Are Hiding in Your Food

Taken from  .’s no doubt that the safety of genetically modified organisms (GMOs) is questionable at best.  I’ve seen all the evidence I need to see to avoid them.
Some of this evidence is shocking, like the study that showed that a toxin only present in Monsanto genetically modified Bt corn was present in pregnant women who consumed the corn as well as the umbilical blood of their unborn fetuses . Another study found that rats fed GMO corn over 2 years developed tumors, had disabled pituitaries and developed kidney deficiencies. . An in-depth report examining the claims made by Monsanto and the FDA in favor of the safety, health and benefits of GMOs showed that almost all of of these claims are false . In fact, this report found that GMO seeds do not increase yeild, GMOs are not a safe or effective solution for world hunger, they harm soil quality, they are poorly regulated, and they can exacerbate allergies .
 And the FDA apparently isn’t doing it’s job either, because they DO NOT require safety testing for genetically modified foods before it is approved for the market.
Every least GMOs should be labeled, for now the best thing we can do is find out which foods contain GMOs and do our best to avoid them.
The eight most common GMO foods are corn, soy, sugar beets, canola, cottonseed, Hawaiian papaya, some zucchini and yellow squash.
Many of these GMO foods like soy and corn seem easy enough to avoid; Just don’t buy tofu and don’t get non-organic corn right? But it’s harder than it seems. A lot of these foods find their way into packaged foods and restaurants mostly in the form of corn and soy derivatives.
So you can stay informed about what you’re eating, I’ve created a list of 7 common food additives that are genetically modified. I’ve included what to watch out for when looking at ingredient labels and some alternative options for these foods.

Monday, November 11, 2013

Thursday, November 7, 2013


In many countries and for many years, ALOE VERA is considered to be a Miracle Plant, and used for many aliments and other purposes. Cleansing, Healing, moisturizing are some of the uses of this MIRACLE PLANT. I've used aloe vera  myself for many years. Its is very for healing cuts, ulcers, washing your hair and intestinal cleaning. Its is  natural moisturizer.

Friday, November 1, 2013

Dr.Oz dicusses caffeine and diabetes

Day time talk show host Dr. Oz talks about how to reverse caffeine and diabetes addiction on the morning show