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Floyd Mayweather vs Manny Pacquiao

Update: There is officially drama here. TMZ reports Mayweather’s team wants to refute reports that he will pay Knight’s bail, and that the two haven’t spoken in several years.
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Nobody is rooting harder for Floyd Mayweather to beat Manny Pacquiao in their highly anticipated fight Saturday night than Suge Knight. If the boxer wins, he will post the $10 million bail for Knight as the former music executive faces murder charges. Per the Los Angeles Times:
A lawyer from Mayweather’s camp reached out to [Knight attorney Matthew Fletcher] several weeks ago and asked about the specifics of bailing Knight out, the attorney said.
On Wednesday, Fletcher said he talked to Knight about the possibility of Mayweather pulling through with bail.
“Suge said, ‘Man, I was really going to pull for him to win, but now I’m going to have to pray for him to win,'” Fletcher said.
Mayweather is projected to make $180 million from the fight. It’s a bit strange that he’s only expected to bail out Knight in the case that he wins — he’s guaranteed to make 60 percent of the purse from the fight, win or lose, so it’s not like beating Pacquiao means he’ll have an extra $10 million.

Mayweather and Knight are apparently longtime friends. Knight, who rose to fame for collaborating with Tupac, Dr. Dre, and other West Coast rappers, faces both murder and attempted murder charges. Knight allegedly ran over Cle Sloan and Terry Carter with his truck in a restaurant parking lot, killing Carter. The incident was captured on camera, but Knight’s defense has argued it was in self-defense. His bail had initially been set at $25 million, but was lowered to $10 million in the last few weeks.

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ENTERTAINMENTMUSE.COM all your music needs

Madonna Makes Out with Drake During Surprise Coachella Performance

During Drake’s performance at Coachella on Sunday, the “Legend” singer welcomed a legend on stage when he brought out Madonna to sing with him — but he didn’t seem prepared for what happened next.
On Drake’s most recent album, If You’re Reading This It’s Too Late, the 28-year-old rapper included a track titled “Madonna,” which drew the 56-year-old pop diva’s attention.
Madonna, who recently released her album Rebel Heart, was more than happy to appear on stage and give Drake a token of her affection. Namely, she began making out with him, much to the shock of the audience and to the rapper.